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For the second year running Beavers, Cubs and Scouts together with leaders and parents hit the streets of Knaphill to clear litter.  Over 30 bags of litter were collected in under an hour from pathways and hedgerows. A good deed to start the year!


The brave Scouts who took on the rain (a little) and the mud (a lot) at Bentley Copse for this year’s Frost Camp,
when asked to describe the camp in one word here is what they said……..

Muddy, Good, Noisy, Madness, Spectacular, Squelch, Epic, Interesting, Galactic, Wet, Cold, Great, Swamp, Awesome, Fun, Quicksand(?), Memorable, Boggy and Active.

Looking forward to next year already…….



Over 100 Beavers, Cubs, Scouts joined together with 3rd Knaphill Brownies on Sat 8th February to present a fantastic Gang Show to a packed hall of family and friends. The 10th Gang Show opened with Beaver Scouts aboard their pirate ship, The Jolly Roger, the Brownies performed a shadow puppet show and the Cubs gave a noisy rendition of 'What did the fox say?' with plenty of audience participation.  The Scouts entertained with their unique version of 'The Great British Bake Off'' and a 'Washing Up Stomp'!  The acts were interspersed with acts from the leaders and several solo performances.  What a talented group of confident young people we have!


Edward, Josh, Thomas and JJ have all achieved their Chief Scout’s Gold Award.  They received their awards from Peter Gordon of Eagle Radio at a County Scout Award ceremony held in Hinchley Wood on Saturday 15th March.  Well done ! We are all very proud of your achievements and look forward to you passing on your skills to younger Scouts.


Ever wondered about becoming a leader?  Read on…..


I joined as a leader last autumn. I don't have a big history in Scouting, and I last went camping before my voice had broken. So this first Cub camp was going to be an experience. I knew it was going to be hard work, but I couldn't have predicted how much fun and how rewarding it was.  There are so many highlights in one short weekend. Mainly around seeing the cubs thrive when given a little responsibility and a bit of freedom. The biggest highlight was the Cubs reaction to the caving. Quite a few were nervous, possibly even scared, at the start. The camaraderie and support the cubs gave each other was amazing. Those who were most apprehensive were helped round by their fellow Cubs. At one point I heard a young voice down the tunnel looking after his friend saying 'I'm with you. I won't leave you behind'. At the end all the Cubs had done everything: big cave, tight cave, lights on, lights off in the pitch dark, head first, feet first, and had a great time doing it. The Cubs loved the activities, but loved the free time too. We would set them loose and they would self organise. Some would play football, others cricket or rugby. Some got into groups of 3 or 4 and went exploring in the woods. They all had a great time, got on well and no adult interaction was needed. By the end of the Sunday I was exhausted, but left wishing I had joined as a leader years ago. I went home a happy man, went to bed early and slept the sleep of the dead!

Report by John Holcroft, ACSL


Cub camp was great and I want to go again. The tents were warm, the activities were fun and I had a great time. We did: caving, orienteering, tracking and backwards cooking. In the caving there were two tunnels: a small tunnel and a big tunnel. At first I was reluctant to even go through the big tunnel but in the end I went through both tunnels and even the small tunnel with no light! The tracking was that you split into two groups and one group gets a ten minute head start and they leave directions behind them so the other group can find them. Backwards cooking was cooking on an open fire with the raw ingredients stuck on a stick. I want to go again!  

Report by Luke H, Cub