Cub Visit to IWM Duxford by Nathan P, Cub


At first, we got on the coach to set off to Duxford. On the coach journey, we had lots of fun chatting and looking forward to getting there. When we did get there it was pouring with rain, but luckily we were inside for the first hour and after that the rain stopped. We first looked at all the planes in the Airspace Hanger and there were lots of fun exhibits that showed you how the planes worked. We were lucky because Concorde was there and we got to go in it. On the way round we had a quiz to do, which helped get us our Air Activities badge. Outside there were lots of planes taking off, we just missed two Spitfires taking off, but we saw lots of other planes.


We had lunch, then we went outside to all the hangers. There was a hanger with American planes from World War II, which was very exciting and we saw a video about American planes and pilots during the War. Then we went to another hanger which had tanks in it. The tanks were very interesting and we also saw a video about the D Day landings. There were lots of exhibits about the World Wars and that made me feel sad about the people who died and fought in the War. After that, we saw some more planes taking off and went in the Air and Sea hanger where we saw a RAF lifeboat, a Spitfire and lots of other World War II boats.


Next we went to the educational park and then the gift shop. It was then time to get back on the coach home. The whole day was very interesting and exciting and I enjoyed it very much.